Security Policy

All guests are subject to search prior to entering the Cross Insurance Center

The Cross Insurance Center uses metal detectors for all events

Staff will visually conduct bag and metal detection inspections to identify prohibited items to ensure the safety of all patrons

Guests will be subject to a secondary screening if alarm sounds going through the metal detectors (this may slow entry into the venue)

Any guest who declines to be searched, or is in possession of prohibited items, may be denied entry to the Cross Insurance Center

*The Cross Insurance Center will factor in Federal, State and Local COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations. The safety and well-being of our guests, employees, performers, athletes, and anybody who comes to the Cross Insurance Center is of the utmost importance to us at all times.

Image of the Cross Insurance Center Bag Policy.

The Cross Insurance Center has a Bag Policy for all events

Any purses, brief cases, luggage, rollerbags, hardsided bags larger than 14” X 14” X 6” will not be allowed into the building

The Cross Insurance Center has a no re-entry policy for all events.

Prohibited items (including, but not limited to):

  • Weapons (guns, knives, chains, tasers, firearms, bats, billy clubs, night sticks, kubatons, spikes, brass knuckles, blackjacks, martial arts weapons, razor blades, box cutters, scissors, tools, etc)
  • Self Defense Sprays (mace, pepper spray)
  • Explosives (fireworks, ammunition)
  • Fuels, Torches, Lighter Fluid
  • Hazardous Items (chemicals, paint thinners, etc)
  • Projectiles, Frisbees, Beach Balls, Balloons
  • Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drones (UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or Other Aircrafts
  • Laser Pointers (or other optical distractions)
  • Aerosol Cans or Noisemaking Devices (whistles, air horns, fog horns, plastic airhorns, etc)
  • Hoverboards or Skateboards
  • Professional Video or Audio Recording Devices
  • Sealed Packages of Any Kind
  • Selfie Sticks or Telescopic Devices
  • Pets (other than service animals)
  • Large Banners, Signs, or Flags
  • Outside Food & Beverage (except for baby food and medically necessary items)
  • Coolers, Hydration Packs, Bottles, Cans or Other Beverage Containers
  • Any Other Items Deemed Inappropriate by Arena Personnel
  • The Cross Insurance Center will not check or store any of the above prohibited items
  • Exceptions are made for medical and religious purpose, after proper inspection

The Cross Insurance Center is a smoke free property.

  • Smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, illegal drugs of any kind, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers.

*The Cross Insurance Center retains the rights to refuse access to any guest that does not follow any/all facilities regulations