Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your organization? Whether you’re a school, non-profit organization, sports team, or community group, use your event tickets to help raise money and awareness for your group. Tickets may be up-sold for the full value and your group keeps the difference.



A consignment of tickets allows the contact person to get tickets in hand prior to payment. A consignment contract would be completed and tickets would be issued to your group leader to sell to group members. Tickets can be sold up to the face value of the original tickets. The venue would settle the consignment of tickets two weeks out from the event and will collect all ticket money AND additional fundraising dollars. Following the event settlement, a check will be cut and issued to the group organizer for the fundraising portion.


Block seats with the group sales department for your desired event and then communicate to your group via e-mail, internet, and social media. You would then collect the names of your group members that want to buy tickets, along with their ticket money. If tickets cost $30 each you sell all the tickets for $40 each, you’ll collect the $10 per ticket at the time of settlement. You then contact our department and give us final numbers and payment.

Here’s the best part: Your group gets to see an exciting event without paying extra service charges per ticket, and you get to keep the rest of the money that you’ve collected as profit for your group!

Give our Group Sales department a call at 207.561.8310 and we’ll take you through the step-by-step process to raise funds for your group!