2020 Haunted Halloween

Outdoor Event For Children
Oct 30 Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The 2nd annual Haunted Halloween is coming to the Cross Insurance Center on October 30th!

A very special thank you to First National Bank and Hannaford for the help in providing decorations and healthy food options for this event!

The Haunted Halloween event will have a virtual haunted house that will be available on this page at a later date and a drive up Trick-or-Treat on October 30th for those who sign up in the form below.



BANGOR, ME –The Cross Insurance Center will be hosting a “Haunted Halloween” event for Bangor area children on Friday, October 30th. The event marks the second consecutive year that a community Halloween event will be held by the Cross Insurance Center. 

The event will feature an outdoor drive up trick-or-treat area for kids outside of the venue, as well as a virtual haunted house video produced and available on the Cross Insurance Center website and social media channels. The drive up trick-or-treat event will be free and take place from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., outside of the Southeast Entrance of the building. 

“We are so excited to host our second annual community Halloween event at the Cross Insurance Center on Friday, October 30th. We were hoping to expand the event we did last year and do more inside, however putting the safety above all else we thought it best to move the event outside. This move stays in line with all the CDC guidelines and recommendations. In addition to the outdoor portion, we will have a virtual haunted house set-up which we are happy that we can make available on our website and social media sites. We hope that even moving the event outdoors still allows for the community to enjoy the spirit of Halloween while doing things in as safe a manner as possible. We realize that safety is of the utmost importance to not just all of us at the Cross Insurance Center, but everyone in the Bangor community and we hope this version of our Haunted Halloween event provides the spirit of Halloween along with making everybody feel safe,” said Cross Insurance Center General Manager Tony Vail. 

Those that are interested in attending the drive up trick-or-treat area are requested to sign-up in advance by going to CrossInsuranceCenter.com and filling out the form on the “Haunted Halloween” event page. Attendees will drive up to the Halloween display at a designated time provided and will be able to enjoy the spooky display from their vehicles. Cross Insurance Center staff members will provide pre-packaged Halloween treats, including healthy food options donated by Hannaford Supermarkets, to those who attend the event while supplies last. Cross Insurance Center staff will be wearing personal protective equipment at all times and will be sanitizing areas as frequently as possible to make this event as safe as possible for all attendees. 

The virtual haunted house will be accessible by going to CrossInsuranceCenter.com and will also be available on the venue’s social media channels. This will allow Halloween fans to enjoy the elements of the haunted house safely by viewing it in a virtual environment. The haunted house will feature ghouls, spooky creatures, skeletons, as well as an area with themed décor based off of some of the work of Bangor’s own Stephen King. Decorations were made available through staff donations and a contribution from First National Bank.

  • Attendees are asked to stay in the vehicle while attending the Trick-or-Treat event
  • Those coming to the event are asked to fill out the “Sign-Up” form and pick a desired time
    • The CIC staff will confirm a time after the submission is sent in.
  • Masks will be worn at all times by Cross Insurance Center staff, as well as gloves
  • Candy and healthy food options will be provided in sealed bags to attendees
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available
  • High traffic areas and surfaces will be sanitized frequently