Staff Members

If there are any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us here at the Cross Insurance Center for further assistance.

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Joe Imbriaco
General Manager

Tiffany Sun
Assistant General Manager

Arlene Boyle
Administrative Assistant

Box Office:

Chris Sun
Box Office Manager

Chris McGrail
Group Sales & Assistant Box Office Manager


James Staple
Director of Events

Stesha Cano
Event Manager               

Sales and Marketing:

Chris McGrail
Group Sales & Assistant Box Office Manager

Lyndsay Merrill
Marketing Coordinator

Chad Kelley
Sr. Sales & Event Manager

Jessica Stark
Sales & Event Manager


Pat Horne
Director of Corporate Partnerships

Food & Beverage:

Carmen Montes
irector of Food & Beverage

Bobbi Cochrane
Food & Beverage Manager

Chef Brandon Haney
Executive Chef


Josh Woods
Director of Operations

Buz Small
Building Engineer

Brian Miller
perations Supervisor

Brandon Shaw
Operations Supervisor


Peggy Rollins
Director of Finance

Andy Tripp
Staff Accountant